Marianne Chemla is a ceramist, sculptor and teacher, practicing and teaching for over 20 years. Her background in humanities and extensive studies and experience in ceramics, art education and fine arts have shaped her approach to the medium and teaching and enabled her to connect with her students in a unique way. Her artistic process and her teaching philosophy are very much rooted in dialogue.

Marianne’s ceramics is deeply inspired by nature: horizons, geological formations, snow, landscapes and stillness. Living in Japan, South Korea and Iceland, profoundly shaped her art and craft. Each ceramic piece is given its moment and the making process will often lead to slight variations, from one to the next.

Her designs can be described as minimalist and organic with distinct and sometimes subtle textures, while exploring the properties of different porcelains. Elegant, at times with a touch of whim, and a poetic simplicity found in expression and textures, further distinguish her collections. Her ceramics is an invitation to contemplation and to experiencing everyday aesthetic pleasures.