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Ceramic Classes

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I loved my ceramics class with Marianne! Marianne is a very talented artist who is also very warm and welcoming. She is very receptive to our creative desires while knowing how to stimulate and guide us by showing us new techniques and different artists’ work. Her studio, where the classes take place, is really pleasant: it is bright and is full of creative works and books. I can’t wait to begin another class!

Lorie B.
I really love the intimacy of the studio. With only 4 or 5 students, the classes are almost personalised and Marianne really knows how to facilitate the creative process while being attentive to the needs of each student.
Mariannick P.
I had the extreme privilege to be initiated to pottery by Marianne. She has an endless enthusiasm for the projects that her students undertake and their personal and unique explorations. I have precious memories of different moments shared when she communicated to me her love for clay and her attention to detail which brought life to our pieces! Thank-you again!
Keven L.

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